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Take a Picture is a acoustic/pop/punk/rock/emo (or something like that) solo act from Bloomington, Indiana. Inspired by other solo-ish bands, such as The Rocket Summer, Dashboard Confessional, Secondhand Serenade, and Pictures of Annie, Take a Picture's only current member, Terrick, has been recording songs in a small bedroom not fit for recording with a laptop and 75 cent microphone purchased on eBay since high school. After joining a band with friends in the Winter of 2006, Terrick continued to write and never finish music that didn't seem to fit the band's style. In the Spring of 2008, he decided to get more serious with his music, finish the songs, buy some real equipment, and work on a solo demo.

While still experimenting to get locked in to a specific style, many different songs will be available for download in the music section as they are recorded.



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